Zwinger für den Irischen rot&weiß Setter

Laura about Ursha



Asthore of the Roner Fields


From her birth until her 10 weeks we followed Ursha's upbringing through an online camera, photos and vides. I can say that Ursha had the perfect early childhood. They made sure she was socialized from the beginning. She has experienced driving in a stroller, different surfaces, toys, children, the town, the store ... The ride home (1200km) was without any problems whatsoever, she didn't even display separation anxiety from her litter. From day one she sleeps in her crate, she is potty trained, she comes when called, she is very sociable with dogs and has a great instinct for watching birds. Her character is bubbly but emotionally stable. Big thanks and respect to the breeder and his family. Peter is very reliable, responsible and kind. Our Ursha was truly born in a litter that was surrounded by warmth, love and expert knowledge. Peter, thank you for everything!