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More about us

Here you can find more about us, our dogs and our passions

Who we are

We have had dogs in our lives since 1995. The Scottish sheepdag for the first twelve years and since 2008 the Irish red and white setter. In 2010 we purchased a motorhome and the dogs will travel with us throughout Europe.


Our dogs

Currently our kennel consists of 5 dogs, 4 bitches and 1 male. In order of age, Nola (10.5 years), Masha (7 years) and Luna (5 years), Finnley (1.5 years) and Enya (9 months) On their own pages you can read more about the pedigrees, health and performance of our dogs.


With our campervan we travel throughout Europe with the dogs. On our own page you can read and see more of the journeys we have made.



We breed very consciously, so that means we don't have a litter every year.


Puppyowners speak

Joyce and David



On the 30th of July 2017 we brought Minnie over to edinburgh. Joyce and David about Minnie.​​​​​​​

Laura Ira



Laura drove 1200 km together with her daughter to pick up Ursha.​​​​​​​

Gemma Hawkins



From the day she arrived in Surrey she has been confident, sweet and gentle.

Geb en Joke



Spike is een ontzettende aardige hond, zowel voor andere honden als voor mensen.