Kennel for the Irish red&white Setter

Geb about Spike



Aiden of the Roner Fields


Spike is a very nice dog, both for other dogs and for people. Thanks to his submissive puppy behavior, he knows how to become friends with the biggest mopeds in the neighborhood. In the Bussloo recreational area with many playmates, he can be absorbed a little too much in the game and he does not know when to stop. But slowly he also starts to listen better under these challenging circumstances. From the start, Spike has everything on its nose, he wants to see everything you do. He was used to it quickly and every time he challenged us with the toys from the bundled puppy package. Spike also has its zones, puppies are not allowed to climb the stairs, but that does not apply to Spike. In the beginning he rushed upstairs with a lot of noise, but now that he knows it is not allowed, he sneaks up the stairs unnoticed. Spike gets a bone to chew what is too big, he prefers to bury it in the garden. The bones don't get any better so he gets them when the door is closed. But something has also been found, he has a few temporary hiding places in the living room, the door opens once later and it is still his first action.

Spike is a sweetheart, always happy, a new sunshine in the house!